Maeve’s Mod Podge

The name Mod Podge is used interchangeably with spreadable craft glue the way Xerox is with photocopier, but it is the best name for this all-in-one water based sealer and finish. It really is silly that I’ve bought as much Mod Podge as I have, since it is the easiest thing to make. I don’t know if I’m more perplexed at myself for taking so long to figure out how to make it or by the people of the Mod Podge company for so successfully pulling the wool over our eyes. Kudos to them for doing that so effectively, but now the secret is out!

Homemade Mod Podge has two ingredients: water and PVA glue. PVA is craft glue, otherwise known as Elmer’s, and can be found at any grocery or office supply store, as well as CVS, Rite Aid, and most grandparent houses. I recommend only retrieving PVA glue from one of the first four locations, as unless the grandparents are your own, you should not be going into their house.

Alright, here is how to make Maeve’s famous Mod Podge recipe. The advanced chemistry behind this must be the reason for the success of the Mod Podge company, as it is too complicated for the majority of us to prepare decently.


1 cup PVA glue

1/3 cup water

storage container

mixing utensil


In the storage container of choice, mix the water and the glue together till smooth. Make sure that the lid is on tightly and store in your snazzy craft kit.

Tips: Coat the area that you are sticking a piece of paper to and then spread several smooth coats of glue over the paper once it is stuck down. For example, if you have a collage of paper items, cover all of the items in evenly Mod Podge so that it is stronger and less likely to peel.


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