My latest craze: Nut Butters

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should buy the overpriced nut butters from health food stores. No reason. Not when they are easier to make than anything else. As easy as microwaving a frozen dinner! I made it my mission about six months ago to perfect nut butter making and it took me one try to do so. The best thing about it? There is only one ingredient: dry roasted salted nuts! Salt, of course, is an obvious addition if there is not enough salt coating the nuts already, which is a possibility. I find that dry roasted almonds tend to need additional salt while their cashew counterparts do just fine with what comes in the bag. I use Trader Joe’s dry roasted almonds and cashews but you can certainly use nuts from other places. The key is that they are dry roasted, as additional oil will pool on the top when the butter sits. As long as you are brave during the blending process (blend and blend till you can’t bear it anymore), no additional oil is required.


Ingredients and Materials

16 oz. Trader Joe’s dry roasted almonds or cashews

Salt, if needed

Blender (I use a Cuisinart so there is only one speed. If there are multiple options, blend on high)

Spatula (for scraping down the sides of the bowl periodically to reduce clumping)

1 jar or container of choice

Will power not to devour all of it at once


Pour the dry roasted and salted nuts in the blender and blend on high till smooth. For the first few minutes you will have to stop blending, scrape down the sides, and start the blender again, as the crushed nuts will stick to the sides of the blender. Give it a few more minutes and the butter will form a ball (similar to when you make pie dough), followed by a more liquid form. Keep blending till the butter is smooth. Most likely, this will be longer than you think is necessary. Stop blending, taste, and continue to blend till the butter reaches your desired consistency.

My favorite part about making nut butter is the heat generated from the blending process, making the nut butter a true delicacy. Don’t miss this opportunity of deliciousness. Take a spoon (or apple slice) and dive in.

Note: Let the butter cool before you put the top on the container. Since you aren’t refrigerating the butter, it is best that it is room temperature before it is sealed.


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  1. Mark Thistel says:

    The simple pleasures are the best ones. My vote is for the cashew butter, which only works if you make it fresh. The stuff in the stores is awful, but what you make is delicious.


  2. Derek says:

    Why is it better to seal it at room temperature?
    Have you tried adding anything to the nuts that turned out particularly well? I wonder how hard it would be to make home made Nutella.


    1. happymaeve says:

      It is better to seal at room temperature because the butter is very warm right after you make it and condensation could cause bacteria to grow. I’ve never had a problem, but better safe than sorry…

      As for additions, I have not made home made Nutella before but I’ll give it a try! I would probably melt dark chocolate chips (more or less 12 oz. chocolate/cup of hazelnuts) in a double boiler with a tsp of vanilla, and then add it to the nut butter in the food processor.

      On a slightly different note, I’ve made spicy almond butter before by adding cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It’s more particular of a taste so it won’t go with as many things as normal almond butter, but it is delicious! And good for cooking…


  3. Jessica says:

    Let’s talk next about but butters in ice cream. I had an almond version two weeks ago. Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      Nut butters!!!


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