Yam Yam Thank You, Ma’am

White yams! Remember them? This post is not so much a recipe, as it is a call of action to all the cooks out there who have forgotten or neglected this underrated tuber. I buy white yams from the farmer's market near my house during the short season that the farmer has them, and think … Continue reading Yam Yam Thank You, Ma’am


How to roast garlic!

Every Sunday my parents and I have Charcuterie Night. We eat cheese, bread, a delicious salad, and lotsĀ of roasted garlic. The garlic compliments the sharpness of the cheese and the crustiness of the bread. Beyond cheese, (is there a beyond?) roasted garlic is delicious in cheesy cauliflower, another revelation of the kitchen, or with pasta … Continue reading How to roast garlic!